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Kieran Barakat

Kieran Barakat

Committed & Honest with an Unmatched Level of Enthusiasm.

At the forefront of all he does, Kieran is committed to selling your property for you. He will work efficiently, with a sense of urgency, to meet and exceed your expectations. He will strategise with you as clients to ensure from the beginning of the marketing campaign, your home is sold with diligence, precision and an unwavering level of support. You will always come before the commission.

Kieran is committed to offering integrity, honesty and transparency in all that he does. He speaks the truth and gets you the best result.

Unmatched Level of Enthusiasm.
With 6 years in the industry both as a Sales Consultant & Auctioneer, Kieran lives and breathes real estate. He specialises in auctions with a tailored marketing campaign and surgically precise negotiation skills. He will prove his value to you.

His dedication, market knowledge and unwavering focus are what you need to sell your home.




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